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    American Immigration Law Must Serve Americans

    US immigration laws should serve the best interests of the American people.

    Believe it or not, that fundamental and obvious truth has become controversial.  So controversial that it is almost never mentioned by anyone advocating immigration reform.  Instead, we hear that immigration reform should serve people here illegally, or foreigners hoping to come here, or multinational corporations looking to lower wages, or Mexican elites who want to export their poor people.  But never the American people.

    Every other nation on earth uses immigration laws to advance its own interests.  Only in America do political and media leaders put forward the notion that our immigration laws should serve others at our expense. We can’t be silent about this any longer.

    The fact is, US immigration laws that first serve American citizens will also help foreigners and businesses. But the first order of business is to strengthen our own country and our own citizens.  You should not vote for any politician who does not practice that most basic act of self-preservation.

    ImmigrationScam.com exists to reframe the immigration debate.  We expose the Obama Democrats’ unlawful campaign to destroy our border security and flood the nation with very poor people who will be permanently dependent on Big Government handouts.  But we also point the way forward, offering solutions that will allow for robust legal immigration to strengthen our nation, raise our incomes, and export freedom, free markets and democracy to the rest of the world.

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  • Legal immigration is good for Americans

    Illegal immigration is bad: bad for our economy, terrible for the poor and unemployed, and dangerous for our national security.

    But legal immigration, done right, is good for our nation and for the American people. Conservatives should lead the charge in advocating legal immigration policies that will boost our economy, increase the number of US taxpayers, and continue our historic tradition as the world’s beacon of hope.

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