• To deceive voters, Democrats delay mass amnesty until the polls close

    In a stunningly-transparent effort to deceive the voters for the 2014 elections, President Obama has agreed to Democrat demands that he hold off on his unlawful unilateral mass amnesty of millions of illegal aliens until after the polls close in November. This would help Democrats escape the wrath of voters who will be furious when they see the Democratic president ignore the Constitution and further harm the economy with his unlawful action.

    President Obama had promised extreme open borders advocates in June that he would declare a unilateral mass amnesty by September 2014, but this panicked fellow Democrats who would be sure to lose elections if the coming vote were a referendum in the public’s mind on the Democrats’ open borders policies. Now Obama says he will wait until the polls close to make his unprecedented move.

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  • Union agitators take break from open border advocacy to attack fast food employers

    The latest union-run fast food protests took place in several cities today, propped up by the Democrat Media.

    But what the media won’t tell you and what the unions and their worker center front groups won’t tell you is that it is unions themselves who have made life worse for many fast food workers. Unions are leaders in the Democrat Party policy to open our southern border and flood the nation with millions of poor people willing to work for next to nothing. This drives wages down and makes it harder for honest businesses to compete on price against those businesses willing to pay illegal aliens off the books.

    Rather than protesting against the only businesses who will hire them, fast food workers should be protesting the Democratic Party and the Big Labor bosses who have made it that much harder for struggling workers to move up the economic ladder.

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  • fingers crossed

    Democrats using open borders to stuff the ballot box

    Stuffing the ballot box is every politician’s dream. Democrats are pursuing unlawful policies they believe will give them a permanent means to stuff the ballot box: changing the American electorate by flooding the nation with very poor, uneducated people who will be permanently dependent on taxpayer-funded give-aways, and will vote for Democrats who promise to keep the freebies coming forever.

    It’s an audacious plan, but with the help of Big Business donations to key Republicans, and support from the Democrat Media, it is close to becoming a reality.

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  • The Statue of Liberty at New York City

    American Immigration Law Must Serve Americans

    US immigration laws should serve the best interests of the American people.

    Believe it or not, that fundamental and obvious truth has become controversial.  So controversial that it is almost never mentioned by anyone advocating immigration reform.  Instead, we hear that immigration reform should serve people here illegally, or foreigners hoping to come here, or multinational corporations looking to lower wages, or Mexican elites who want to export their poor people.  But never the American people.

    Every other nation on earth uses immigration laws to advance its own interests.  Only in America do political and media leaders put forward the notion that our immigration laws should serve others at our expense. We can’t be silent about this any longer.

    The fact is, US immigration laws that first serve American citizens will also help foreigners and businesses. But the first order of business is to strengthen our own country and our own citizens.  You should not vote for any politician who does not practice that most basic act of self-preservation.

    ImmigrationScam.com exists to reframe the immigration debate.  We expose the Obama Democrats’ unlawful campaign to destroy our border security and flood the nation with very poor people who will be permanently dependent on Big Government handouts.  But we also point the way forward, offering solutions that will allow for robust legal immigration to strengthen our nation, raise our incomes, and export freedom, free markets and democracy to the rest of the world.

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