• Obama’s unlawful mass amnesty can only move forward if Congress funds it

    Every American should be shocked and appalled by President Obama’s recent announcement that he will violate the Constitution and provide an unlawful, mass amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. He will give them work permits to compete against American citizens, Social Security cards and access to many taxpayer benefits.

    But the good news is that government funding for Obama’s mass amnesty runs out at midnight on December 11, 2014. After that time, there is no funding to pay any Homeland Security worker to process the more than 5 million illegals Obama wants to add to Democrat Party voting rolls. There’s no money to print them work permits, or applications for government benefits. (Some money is allegedly available through immigration system user fees, but not enough to move forward; and, in any event, a Congressional rider to a funding bill can block even that spending from occurring.)

    Obama’s entire unlawful mass amnesty comes to a screeching halt: UNLESS CONGRESS AFFIRMATIVELY VOTES TO PAY FOR IT.

    The only way this mass amnesty moves forward is if our elected officials vote to make it happen. In other words, if it happens, it’s because Congress made it happen.

    Keep that in mind in the days ahead … and when 2016 primary and general election season rolls around.