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    This is what Obama Democrats are foisting on American school children

    After inviting tens of thousands of poor Central American children into America this year with promises of amnesty, President Obama and his fellow Democrats are preparing for the President’s announcement of a sweeping mass amnesty of as many as 10 million illegal immigrants (which will also serve as the formal invitation to the next 20 million or so more who are likely to follow across our unsecured border). The move is being delayed until the polls close in November because American voters would crush the Democrats if they knew what was coming. We’ll see soon enough if voters are as easy to fool as Democrats think you are.

    So it’s essential that Americans read this surprisingly honest piece in the Washington Post about what Democrat open border policies are doing to the schools in one of the more affluent parts of America: the DC Beltway.

    All summer, Central American children caught at the U.S.-Mexico border have been trickling into the Washington area, sent to live with relatives in Latino communities. Now, they are descending en masse on the region’s public schools, bringing an array of problems that school officials are scrambling to address.

    Ripped from distant worlds, most of the new students speak no English, and some are psychologically scarred from abuse by gangs or smugglers. Reunited with parents or other relatives they barely know, and still grieving for family and friends back home, they may feel depressed and resentful.

    “Some of these kids arrive feeling very angry,” said Rina Chavez, a counselor with the Montgomery County schools. …

    “At first, some even refuse to learn English.” …

    Yet even for schools used to integrating Hispanic immigrants, the unusually large number of those enrolling at once — many with social and emotional needs — is straining the system’s capacity for counseling and mental-health therapy.

    Officials at Mary’s Center, a nonprofit health agency that provides 12 schools in the District and Maryland with mental-health therapists, said they have been swamped in the past two weeks with school referrals.

    “What’s different is the sheer volume. There’s been a huge influx of kids with a plethora of issues,” said Kara Lowinger, who directs the center’s therapy program.

    “They come with a tremendous amount of trauma, and they feel like they’re living with strangers.”

    While several school counselors and therapists described a variety of problems they have seen in newly arrived children, they said confidentiality rules barred them from discussing individual cases.

    Chavez said she had heard numerous stories about violent drug gangs kidnapping children and their smugglers as they made their way across Mexico. Several counselors said some teenage girls had been sexually assaulted en route or had previously been abused by relatives. …

    [L]ocal Latino gangs often prey on new students who seem lonely or alienated — much as they would do in Central America.

    Now ask yourself: how does this help American students – forget American taxpayers – to have tens of thousands of troubled children added to their classrooms?

    Hmmm. So how are children faring who were already in these schools?

    In Washington, DC, in 2014, 50% of children were reading at grade level, and 54% of students were able to do math at grade level (and that assumes the test is not too easy).

    In Montgomery County, Maryland, cited in the article, 27% of third grade children can’t perform math at grade level, and 20% of children can’t read at grade level, according to 2014 figures.

    And that’s before the resource-draining influx of poor and poorly-prepared students into their classrooms.

    Sounds like MS13 will have the last laugh. Thanks, Democrats!

    A postscript: President and Michelle Obama’s own children attend a $30,000 per year private school. How many of these illegal immigrants do you think were sent to that school?