• To deceive voters, Democrats delay mass amnesty until the polls close

    In a stunningly-transparent effort to deceive the voters for the 2014 elections, President Obama has agreed to Democrat demands that he hold off on his unlawful unilateral mass amnesty of millions of illegal aliens until after the polls close in November. This would help Democrats escape the wrath of voters who will be furious when they see the Democratic president ignore the Constitution and further harm the economy with his unlawful action.

    President Obama had promised extreme open borders advocates in June that he would declare a unilateral mass amnesty by September 2014, but this panicked fellow Democrats who would be sure to lose elections if the coming vote were a referendum in the public’s mind on the Democrats’ open borders policies. Now Obama says he will wait until the polls close to make his unprecedented move.

    Of course, how dumb must the Democrats think the voters are? When you announce you will wait until the polls close to take an unpopular action, doesn’t that make voters even more likely to vote against you? Here is a list of the Democrats who need to be voted out if the American people hope to block the Democrats’ radical plans to grant a unilateral mass amnesty to millions.

    For years, politicians and the media have pretended that amnesty and “comprehensive immigration reform” were wildly popular ideas. Now that an actual chance for actual voters to cast actual ballots on the issue is imminent, even the politicians and the media are admitting: Americans oppose open borders and it is political suicide to run on the Democrats’ open borders policies.

    If the American people don’t send a resounding signal to President Obama by voting against all Democrats this November, we’ll see untold millions given mass amnesty by Obama before the last ballot is even counted.