• Union agitators take break from open border advocacy to attack fast food employers

    The latest union-run fast food protests took place in several cities today, propped up by the Democrat Media.

    But what the media won’t tell you and what the unions and their worker center front groups won’t tell you is that it is unions themselves who have made life worse for many fast food workers. Unions are leaders in the Democrat Party policy to open our southern border and flood the nation with millions of poor people willing to work for next to nothing. This drives wages down and makes it harder for honest businesses to compete on price against those businesses willing to pay illegal aliens off the books.

    Rather than protesting against the only businesses who will hire them, fast food workers should be protesting the Democratic Party and the Big Labor bosses who have made it that much harder for struggling workers to move up the economic ladder.

    (Unions also are strong backers of the Democrats’ Obamacare law that punishes employers who let their employees work 30 hours or more a week. Obamacare is a big part of why many fast food workers are kept at 29 hours a week or less, as businesses predictably respond to the Democrat-imposed war on the 40-hour work week.)

    Open borders and mass amnesty harm low-wage American workers. It’s time for union members and union front group supporters to ask Big Labor to stop making it harder for US workers.