• Your school overcrowded? Thank open borders

    In Bangladesh, many children go to school in trailers, because the nation is dirt poor.  In the United States, a wealthy nation, many children are also taught in trailers, kindly renamed “portable classrooms.”  This is because Democrat open borders policies have flooded the nation with poor illegal alien students who are promised a free education.

    Do you have children or grandchildren? How do bigger class sizes help them learn?  News reports indicate that the tens of thousands of unaccompanied teens and children coming illegally into the US this year require special ed, bilingual ed, and other costly programs at much higher rates than US citizens.  How does it help your children to have all those resource-intensive, illegally-present children in their classes?

    And let’s not even talk about the gang problem.

    President Obama’s kids go to a $30,000 a year private school with small class sizes. But he is flooding your kids’ schools with illegal aliens, forcing children into portable classroom trailers and overtaxing special ed, free meals and bilingual services. Your kids pay the price.

    And don’t think it’s just poor American neighborhoods that pay the price. Class sizes are often set by county or state. So even affluent, suburban schools’ class sizes are often increased to keep them level with schools in the county’s or state’s poor sections, where illegal aliens are concentrated.  So while the children of poor and working-class Americans bear the brunt of these open border policies, affluent families are also negatively-impacted.


    Most of these illegal immigrants are eligible for affirmative action programs.  So one day soon, they may cut ahead of your kid in college admissions and employment programs.  When you vote for Democrats, you are voting against your own children.  How crazy is that?