• Teenagers Are Streaming Across Our Border…So Can Terrorists

    Put aside for a moment the economic insanity of allowing unlimited immigration by the very poor into our welfare state. On national security grounds alone, the Obama Democrats’ open borders policies are reckless and will result in Americans being killed by terrorists.

    Surely you’ve seen the media reports.  Tens of thousands of foreign teenagers are travelling hundreds of miles and easily entering our country to get the amnesty the Democrats have promised them.  Many of them have little education and even less money. Yet they waltz into our country with ease. Isn’t it obvious that oil-funded, educated terrorists will do the same?

    America is the only nation on earth that has opened its national border to anyone who wants to enter. It will not end well.

    Democrats and other open borders advocates are risking terrorist attack to achieve their political gains. But it is regular Americans who will bear the costs of terror attacks, just as we did on 9/11, at Ft. Hood and at the Boston Marathon.

    It is shameful that our southern border has been left unprotected.  It is beyond a scandal. Just remember: if poor, uneducated teens are easily entering America, so will terrorists who want to kill you.