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    On few issues are your teachers, professors and the media feeding you more inaccurate information than on immigration reform.  The reason is simple:  they want to flood the nation with new poor people dependent on Big Government, and that will leave YOU paying the tab.

    The open borders policies being pursued by President Obama and the Democratic Party will make it easier for Democrats to win elections, but it will also mean it will be harder for you to find a job, classrooms will be even more overcrowded, and government services will be diverted away from US citizens to help the millions of poor people streaming into our country.

    Have you ever heard that “income inequality” is getting worse in the United States?  With hundreds of thousands of poor people coming to America every month, how could income inequality NOT get worse?

    Oh, and here’s the kicker for those of you in high school:  the new people coming here are eligible for affirmative action, so many of them will jump ahead of you in the college admissions and employment process.

    But politicians assume because you are a “young person” you are an idiot.  So they will continue to flood the nation with new people dependent on ever-more Government, unless you make your voice heard.

    But before that, you might have an assignment to write or test to study for.  On this site, you will find accurate facts about immigration issues so you can get that “A” – or at least set your teachers and professors straight.  If you are hearing information in school or elsewhere that contradicts what you read here, please let us know.

    Amnesty and open borders hurt the poor, hurt students, hurt the unemployed, and give terrorists easy entry into our country. Who’s it help? Democratic politicians, who always need new poor people to be dependent on Big Government handouts.

    If you have specific questions not answered on this site, please feel free to contact us.  We won’t write your assignment for you, but we’ll try to help in a timely manner!